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    Henan K-Home Steel Structure Co.,Ltd

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    One Bedroom Container House
    This product consists of two rooms that can be used as single apartments or as dorms. The kitchen and living room are together, which greatly saves cost and space. The bedroom can be designed with a double bed and a table. The toilet is designed between t
    3 Bedroom Container House with Kitchen
    The container family house was built by three container houses in open space with nice scene, there are 3 bedrooms, including two main bedroom and two second bedrooms, the second bedroom has one signal room, one wardrobe and one bedside table, the wardrob
    Two Bedroom Container House
    The family container house was build in open area with nice sightseeing, there are two bedrooms, one living room and two bathrooms, and each bedroom has two windows, in the bedroom, there is one night table near the bed, and there is one chest and one des
    Two Bedroom with 2 Bath Container House
    Henan K-Home Steel Structure Co.,Ltd container family house consists of two cabins, including a bedroom, a washroom, a kitchen and living room. This unit saves space. This design caters to the needs of modern people and creates greater use in a limited sp
    3 Bedroom Container House
    The nice container house was designed specifically according to open area with beautiful sightseeing, there are combined with 3 container house, including two signal room and ne double rom, and the main design is based on modern development, and there is
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